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  • The mystery of French politics in Africa

    The French strategy in French-speaking countries in Africa; increasing tension: Politics, Economy, Business...

  • The silent war

    China and Africa: This country and this continent will mark the world for the next 25 years. How China dehumanizes the world ... The troubled role of international institutions ... Africa, its resourc

  • Corona Business ?

    The underside of the Corona Virus. As the world prepares to enter a new crisis and a new world system, the secrets are revealed and the people of the world must expect


    Media city is an American center for foreign media connections. Radio, Television, Print and Social Media can have local representation in the USA, and can benefit from local and/or exclusive productions.

    American media also have the possibility to obtain foreign productions and to be represented in several European, African and Asian countries through our partners and collaborators in these continents.

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