Entrepreneurs of the African Diaspora


'Group of 50' is a network of 50 African entrepreneurs of the diaspora who agree to constitute a real socio-economic lobbies for development in Africa and the international impact, Read more

Great opportunities


In addition to B2B workshops open to all participants, AMAFOR offers exclusively read more

for American entrepreneurs

The AMAFOR forum offers the opportunity to discover investment opportunities in Africa. Several investment sectors and profitable projects in Africa will be presented. The project "Investing $ 200,000 for an annual profit of more than $ 1 million" will be presented and open to policyholders. Exclusive partnership opportunities will be presented and signed between participants.

About Amafor

The Atlanta-Montgomery-Africa Forum (AMAFOR) is an international economic event a major business meeting to be held December 11-15, 2018 in the United States, successively in Atlanta-Georgia, and Montgomery-Alabama. Dedicated in Africa to SMEs, SMIs, Start-ups, Training institutions, Actors of the social and solidarity economy, cultural and educational actors, this forum aims to discover opportunities and commercial opportunities and to build a bridge between African and American markets.

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Our Location

 Montgomery: 600 South Court Street Ste 445, Montgomery, Alabama

Atlanta: 1852 Hidden Glen Dr SE, Marietta, Georgia 


Option 1: $ 1700 (full board with accommodation and nutrition).
Option 2: $ 1200 (Without accommodation, without nutrition)
Option 3: $ 500 (For G50 Entrepreneurs only)
Option 4: $ 5000 (VIP Offer)

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UNADA / Workshop and Special Meeting

UNADA / Workshop and Special Meeting of the Agricultural Union of the African Diaspora. All for the agricultural revolution in Africa. An unprecedented moment for the African diaspora in the world.