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AMAFOR is an important department of MASSORA Group LLC, a company based in Atlanta, GA, USA with sub-directorates in Washington DC, Europe and Africa. Its mission is to promote excellence in the fields of Communication, Entrepreneurial Training and Services.

AMAFOR's main services are:

  • AMAFOR Magazine: It is the grandstand for analyzes, the magazine of real and verified facts.
  • AMAFOR Events: this is firstly an international forum for companies (SMEs, StartUps, etc.) which is held periodically in the USA. It is also a large working network of several development actors.
  • TRAINING - M.A. CERTIFICATION: It is the first international platform for practical training that offers a Certification in Value Creation and Network Marketing (MLM).
  • THE MEDIA CITY: It is a large network production, development and media support.
  • AMAFOR BUSINESS: Also known as "AMAFOR MC" the international network giving many people around the world work and life earning from their phones or from home. It is a system based on MLM.

AMAFOR works with hundreds of collaborators and partnerships around the world and offers a new effective and efficient approach to economic, political and social development.

Welcome to AMAFOR and MASSORA GROUP. Our company is firstly a big family and then a global village.

The Information Manager:
Emma Edison R.

All Rigths Reserved Massora Group LLC. USA